What happens in a mortuary and a how does a viewing work at Just a Simple Cremation!

What happens in a mortuary and a how does a viewing work at Just a Simple Cremation!

Unless you work in the funeral industry, how on earth would you know what a mortuary looks like or how it operates from day to day.  How also would you know how viewing your loved one works and what options you have!

Read on to find out more and if you have any questions, you can contact us to find out more!

When a friend or family member dies, you place your trust in your chosen funeral director to care for your loved one, ensuring that they are accommodated in a safe, secure and clean facility that is purpose-built to hold and care for deceased people.

It is completely reasonable to expect that your loved will be cared for in a dignified and respectful way.

That’s why at “Just a Simple Cremation” we value openness and transparency when it comes to our premises and the level of care that we deliver.  It’s very important to us and we understand that’s its so important to you as well.

You are welcome to visit our premises in Dandenong South to understand how we care for your loved one. You can see how they are accommodated from the time they pass and come into our care until the day of their cremation or their funeral service.  Family are invited to come and be part of the care of their loved one, they can wash, dress and spend time with them if they wish.

It’s important to know how we manage individuals that come into our care, starting with ensuring who we are actually looking after.

When our team arrive at the hospice, nursing home or hospital they liase with the staff and confirm the identity of the person and attach an identity bracelet/wrist-band with the person’s name written on it.

When the individual arrives at our care facility, their details are written into a mortuary register confirmed with a signature of the team member who was responsible for transporting them.  Their name, place of passing, date and time of arrival and description of any valuables/personal possessions is all written down in our mortuary register.

If you decide not to visit your loved one, we can send you a copy of the valuables receipt with a photo of any items that arrived with your loved one for reassurance.

Once one of our arrangers has taken instructions from the family, we will schedule the individual’s mortuary care.  This of course is done once their identity is checked again to make sure that we caring for the correct individual and that we have their correct clothes to dress them in.  In fact, every-time we care for your loved one, every-time we prepare them for a viewing or visitation, we check their identification against the details in mortuary register and their wristband, if they are in their coffin, we’ll also check their nameplate on the coffin and ensure that they are in the correct coffin as well.

When they leave our facility to attend their funeral; we check:

Their wristband,
The nameplate on their coffin;
Their burial or cremation paperwork including their medical cause of death certificate:
We sign them out of the mortuary register with the date, the time and the person who is responsible for driving the hearse.

We ensure that all details are correct and we have completed multiple checks before they attend their funeral. We also ensure that we have any other possessions or valuables with us that need to be returned to the family or left in the coffin with the deceased person.

Our facility is kept secure, locked, alarmed and has 24 hour security footage both inside and outside the premises.  It is staffed during working hours by our team and we can easily check and confirm any details for you at any time.

When you come to our facilty to view or spend time with your loved one you have many choices.

You can have an open coffin viewing, in this instance most of the person’s body is covered with a satin or calico sheet depending on the coffin you have chosen and they would have been prepared so that a viewing could take place.  Touching or holding their hands is always allowed, it’s totally your choice.  We do not embalm everyone, only when required.
Most individuals who come into our care are cared for naturally with soap, warm water, hair shampoo,conditioner and moisturiser for their face.  If the family wanted to bring in theier loved one’s personal toiletries that is also totally fine.

If you want to view your loved one at our facilty, we have a family lounge and a viewing room that you are welcome to use.  Viewing a deceased loved one can provide a peaceful and quiet time to say last goodbyes.

It’s quite common for family and friends to view a loved one, it happens very regularly.

It’s only in extreme cases where the person has passed traumatically where we may gently advise against a viewing, but in this case the family are welcome to sit in the same room with a closed coffin if that would bring them some comfort.

Before you come to visit, we will always advise you of what to expect and if the person’s appearance has changed at all and will always take the time to explain everything to you.
If you have given us flowers, photos or cards to place with your loved one, they will be in the coffin with them when you arrive.


During a visitation with your loved one you are welcome to:

Sit quietly
Hold their hand
Play music and sing
Burn candles, incense or essential oils
Recite poetry or prayers
Bring something to drink; a glass of champagne, a beer or perhaps afternoon tea!
Bring memoriabilia and photos to place into the coffin.
Spend time decorating the coffin.

You are welcome to do whatever feels right for you!

Sometimes, seeing your loved one in a coffin maybe a bit too confronting.
Alternatively we have a mortuary table that we can set up as a bed with a pillow, sheet and quilt so it looks like they are resting in a bed.  This way of viewing has also been helpful for families visiting their loved ones.

Each visitation is for approximately an hour and can sometimes be longer if required.  Sometimes families just need 10-15 minutes, everyone is different.

At our facility we have a family and friends visiting room that can safely and comfortably fits up to six people and a lounge where another 6-8 people can gather.

It’s ok to allow children to visit a deceased loved one.
Sometime children are less afraid and less anxious then adults are about visiting a loved one.  With the support of our staff we will gently guide you on how to prepare children for attending a viewing.

If you have any other questions on mortuaries, caring for deceased and viewing deceased loved ones feel free to contact the friendly team at Just a Simple Cremation, we are here to support you and answer all your questions.


Phone: 1300 626 692


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 What happens in a mortuary and a how does a viewing work at Just a Simple Cremation! -  What happens in a mortuary and a how does a viewing work at Just a Simple Cremation! -

What happens in a mortuary and a how does a viewing work at Just a Simple Cremation! -

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