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Caring for your loved ones locally!

Simple, practical, affordable cremation services…

It’s ok to have a simple farewell for yours or a loved one’s funeral.

Not everyone wants to have an elaborate affair with all with all the bells and whistles; it’s ok to want ‘just a simple cremation’.

If you need to farewell a loved one and want to do so in a simple and respectful way but without all the added expense and fanfare, the team at   just a simple cremation’ can help.

We provide affordable, simple, cremation services in Melbourne, arranged on-line from just $2,550 incl GST.   For more information just ask one of our team members.

With just one phone call, our team will take care of everything! 

We can make arrangements over the phone, on-line or can meet you at our offices in Dandenong South.

Call us at any time to discuss your funeral requirements:
1300 626 692.

Prepaid Funerals Just a Simple Cremation

Why pay for more when all you want is a just a simple cremation?

We can provide professional guidance and care when you need support to arrange a service, all at a reasonable price.