Direct Cremation Package

When someone dies, a direct cremation can be organised relatively quickly in the days immediately following their passing.
This leaves you free to organise a ‘Celebration of Life’ or a ‘Memorial Service’ in your own time.

Our direct cremation service includes:

Direct cremation Package

Many individuals choose not to have a formal funeral service and simply wish that they be cremated when they pass away.

Our ‘Just a Simple Cremation Package’ is a perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want a full service funeral and would like to just simply be cremated.

The Direct Cremation Package includes:

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Additional options and costs:

These transfer scenario’s will attract an additional fee of $250
Oversize Coffin
Pacemaker Removal
Ashes Collection / Delivery

Regional Transfer:

If your loved one lives more than 45km from the Melbourne CBD there is a $4 per km charge for transfer for each additional km distance.

Enter the number of additonal km. For example, if the distance from Melbourne CBD is 50km total then the quantity is 5.
Price: $ 4.00
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